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copertinaChristmas holidays are another occasion to spend time with our loved ones, perhaps all together on a maxi couch while it’s snowing outside. Doing what? The perfect idea would be enjoying a good movie with your family, friends or even better with your partner, even warmed by a romantic fire place. If you are looking for suggestions, here’s the list of the 10 Christmas movies we love the most. Many of these make us fall in love, others amuse us and move us…Have you watched them? What’s your favorite?

A Christmas Carol, 2009. A fantastic Walt Disney movie that features the voices of Colin Firth and Jim Carrey.

The Holiday, 2006. 2 cities (London and Los Angeles), 2 women 2 incredible and passionate love stories and a romantic comedy that is far from humdrum.

Love Actually, 2003. A stellar cast and 10 love stories that are all different from one another. The only thing they have in common? The magic of Christmas!

About a boy, 2002. Hugh Grant, the protagonist of the movie, is an eternal child who suddenly find himself raising a kid that is not his, growing and facing responsibilities.

Bridget Jones’s Diary, 2001. A true cult, especially on Christmas. The life of Bridget is a comedy that finds its happy ending through the many obstacles.

Dr. Seuss How the Grinch stole Christmas, 2000. Who hasn’t seen it? A sweet and heart-warming movie…and it’s the biggest Christmas blockbuster movie of all times!Home Alone, 1990. We’ve probably all seen it at least 10 times and it’s absolutely one of the favorite Christmas movies here at the editorial office. The incredible adventures of Kevin, who has been forgotten home during the holidays: will he make it?

Gremlins, 1984. This movie directed by Spielberg is more than 30 years old and watching it again is always a pleasure. A masterpiece that seamlessly combines horror and comedy.

Bad Santa, 2003. Undoubtedly an unusual Santa Claus, fun and out of the ordinary. A perfect comedy, different from the classic feel-good Christmas movies.

Merry Christmas (Joyeux Noel), 2005. Based on a true story that happend during Christmas time in World War II. A different movie that makes us think and warms our heart.

22 Responses to “10 movies we love to watch during our Christmas holidays”

    Love The Holiday and several others. I always like to watch the old ” Miracle on 34th Street” too and a Charlie Brown Christmas.

    Reply to Donna

    My most favourite movie (not only for Christmas season) is “Love Actually”!!!!!!!!!!!
    I also love “Home Alone”, “Gremlins” and “Christmas with the Krunks” because they remind me of my childhood (I grew up watching those movies)
    Merry Christmas everyone!!!

    Reply to Eleftheria
  • Lovely movies. I absolutely love “Love Actually”. It is a must to watch every single christmas.

    Reply to Barbara
  • I definitely need to watch Love Actually, It would be nice to see Andrew Lincoln acting in a romantic movie!

    Reply to Haddy Jeng
  • My favourite christmas movie is the movie “Love Actually”. But maybe it will change this christmas…I’ve bought my mother the movie “Man Up”. So maybe this movie will become my new favourite christmas movie. I’m curious.

    Love from Germany

    Reply to Maj-Britt
  • My favs—The Family Stone,The Holiday and White Christmas 🙂

    Reply to Lisa
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