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Are you ready for the scariest day of the year? Are you among those who don’t love to party and prefer staying at home watching a classic film or going to the movies? This is the right article for you! We selected cult movies for your Halloween night to watch with your friends, your partner or, some of them, even with your little ones. Romantic, funny, thriller or horror; pick your favorite and…enjoy!

Crimson Peak.  This newly released movie also marks the return of Guillermo Del Toro. After an unhappy past, young Edith marries Thomas and when she moves in with him at Crimson Peak she understands that the person beside her is not who she thought he was.

Edward Scissorhands. A timeless classic, perfect to watch on your Halloween night with your love! Romance and a touch of  craziness make this movie unique!

The Phantom of The Opera. Love and jealousy are the main elements of this movie ispide to one of the most viewed musical in history. What happens when the owner of the Paris Opera House  Parigi falls in love with the toile endanger and jealousy start driving the ghost that mysteriously dwells in the theater crazy? We suggest you watch it to find out!

Nightmare Before Christmas.  A real masterpiece of animation, Tim Burton’s genius exceeds here any sort of imagination, telling the strange story of Jack Skeletron, the King of Halloween Town, who while going through a life crisis is committed to a mission: trying to take Santa Clause’s place! If you still haven’t seen it, you absolutely have to make up for it. To enjoy even with your little ones!  

Hocus Pocus. Finally a comedy! Yes, because we also have to dispel the myth that on Halloween you must watch a horror movie! Here the protagonists are 3 quirky witches (one of them is Sarah Jessica Parker!) who try to get their revenge for an old mistake. An ironically scary movie!

Sleepy Hallow. Another work of Tim Burton featuring a great Johnny Depp (a couple that never goes wrong!) as a dark knight who after uncountable twists and turns finds love discovering unbelievable truths.

The Silence of The Lambs Two super actors as  Jodie Foster and Anthony Hopkins and five Oscar s make of this movie one of the most fascinating thrillers of all time. The FBI gives Clarice the task of capturing serial killer Buffalo Bill and she will succeed with the help of another inmate, killer Hannibal Lecter. In other words, you’ll be glued to the screen from the very first scene!

Corpse Bride.  Another animation classic by Tim Burton narrating the funny story of two soon-to-be spouses in the afterlife: Victor and Victoria. A combination of cheerfulness and irony featuring an original approach to the theme of death that makes it perfect for adults as well as for children.

It. Here, at TheBlondeSalad there isn’t one person who hasn’t been terrorized by the killer clown as a child, so much that once older, some developed a real coulrophobia! From the famous Stephen King’s bestseller, it’s the story of a killer clown that terrorises the small town of Derry. A must-see for the lover of this genere!

Final Destination.  A group of teens tries go go against the destiny of their death that has already been written! A movie that will terrorise you, especially for some extremely realistic events..and if when it’s over you won’t be satisfied, no worries. Get back on the couch and get ready for the other 4 chapters of the series!

Shining. Probably the most representative movie of Jack Nicholson’s talent and of Kubrick’s great intuition. The protagonists of the story are Jack, a writer going through a crisis and his family (wife and kid) who move to a desolate hotel that in the past has been the location of a tragedy in which a man killed all his children. Jacks seems to be increasingly associating with the massacrer and his family starts living in fear. P.S. After It, this is the movie that has most scared us here at the office!

American Psycho.  A true American thriller that tells the story of a young man working at Wall Street, rich, charming and frequent visitor of clubs and nightclubs, but with a double identity of psycho killer. A film that schoked the U.S.A and us too!

The Witches of Eastwick.  A dark comedy, based on a series of ironic and funny events with a horror twist. The cast is stellar: Michelle Pfeiffer, Susan Sarandon, Jack Nicholson and Cher. Will the witches manage to win over the mischievousness of the demon interpreted by  Nicholson?

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. The fact that a horror movie is inspired by real facts is enough to terrorize us! 5 guys encounter an apparently adandoned house and charmed by the forbidden decide to enter it…here begins the most terrifying nightmare that Texas have knows! Let’s say 100 minutes of terror and suspense.

Casper. It is very unlikely that you haven’t seen this before, because Casper is the movie that unites grown ups and children.  Although the story narrates of a tribe of ghosts that populates an old castle, the movie is not scary at all, the little ghost Casper, instead, will immediately win you over with his sweetness and a little melancholy.

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