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Composit - Shop OnlineFeeling guilty for your excessive shopping during the sales? No worries, you just have to follow one simple rule, we suggest you use as a mantra: 1 IN – 1 OUT. For every piece you buy, one must leave your closet. Start by making a selection of the clothes you haven’t worn this past year, try them on and you’ll most likely find something that does not convince you. So, why not decide to let go of it and make room for the new entries? What’s important is deciding where to put them. One of the options is to gift them, of course. If, otherwise, you decide to sell them, you can use the money as shopping fund. Your closet will thank you and your wallet too. It’s a win -win! Here are the 5 websites and apps where to sell all the clothes you no longer use!

DepopA personal shop at your fingertips, Depop is the secondhand shoppers’ most beloved marketplace. It will allow you to easily manage your items for sale; you’ll just have to take a square format picture of them – which you can customize with filters, just like Instagram – add a description with hashtags and choose a price. If you have doubts on what type of picture to shoot, check out the Explore section and you’ll certainly find inspiration!

Vestiaire CollectiveDedicated to luxury enthusiasts, the French portal has a quality and authenticity control service. Selling, just takes a few steps here too, and buying is just as easy, especially because, besides a community of 4 million social shoppers, there is also an inspiration section featuring style suggestions of celebrities and fashionistas.

RebaggThe service of this website is reserved to luxury bags. Here, you just have to upload an image of your bag and you’ll immediately receive an offer, for which you’ll be paid as soon as you send the item. The sale subsequently takes place, in a corresponding website called Trendlee.com, but at this stage, you will already be enjoying the purchases made with the money you’ve earned from the accessory sold.

ThredUpThe philosophy of emptying your closet it’s an art for them. This is how it works; order the Clean Out Kit, fill it up with the clothes you’ve loved during the past seasons and ThredUp will take care of all the rest. Besides just earning, with this website you’ll also be able to put the money towards a charity cause that is close to your heart.

TheRealRealThe cream of the crop as far as luxury clothing, as of right now. Their plus? If you have more than 10 items and live in one of the 20 lucky cities where their premium service is active, they pick up your clothes for free right at your doorstep. If not, you can still ship them, free of charge! They then take items to the warehouse, where they authenticate, price, merchandise, and ship directly to the buyer. A worry-free experience that, for many items, just takes 3 days from the ad placement to the actual sale at the highest possible price, in order to ensure the maximum earning.

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