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HALLThe time has come! Halloween is tomorrow night and we can’t wait to see who will rock the most original costume of the year. In the past years, celebrities gave all they got, from the craziest makeup, outfits and hairstyles. In our gallery you’ll find our favorite celebrity Halloween costumes: would you able to recognize Heidi Klum or Rihanna among them? We bet you won’t!


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    I love halloween -even if it isn’t very popular in my country- and see eveyones costumes!!
    Heidi Klum’s Jessica Rabbit & the old lady are amazing!!!!! Emily Ratajkowski as Marge Simpson!! Gigi Hadid as Sandy from “Grease”!! Beyonce as Frida Kahlo (classic halloween costume)!!
    Liked unicorn Taylor Swift!!!!!!!
    Andriana Lima as corpse bride (also classic)!!
    But my favorite is Sandra Bullock and her son dressed as Woody & Buzz fron everyones favorite “Toy Story”!!!

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  • Oh my god! I’ve never seen Heidi’s costumes before she is by far the winner! Really liked beyonce as storm thou and that Taylor Swift was a unicorn! lol!

    Pretty Polished

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  • Heidi Klum, she knows what to do…Blake Lively looks so lovely indeed 🙂

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  • Love this blog post! Kourtney Kardashian and her children look so adorable x


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  • I love Heidis costumes! They are always creative and you never know with what she’s going to come up next 🙂
    Thank you for posting. I definitely needed some inspiration for tomorrow haha 🙂
    xo Laura


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    Beyonce’s one is soo cool!

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  • Definitely Heidi Klum! I love that she isn’t afraid to be ‘ugly’ and doesn’t go for the cliche costumes (sexy or cute)

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  • These are all so cool, I especially love Heidi Klum coz she really is unrecognizable and goes for something amazing instead of the ordinary ‘sexy’ girl! Oh and the ones with their kids are sooo cute! Inspired for tonight’s party in London where I’ll be day of the dead!



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