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UnderwearOnce upon a time footballers, tennis players and swimmers were the favourite models for the most famous underwear labels (we all remember the abs of David Beckham, Rafael Nadal and Cristiano Ronaldo!). Now something has changed: the models that every designer wants for their campaigns are undoubtedly musicians! Calvin Harris is the new testimonial for Emporio Armani Underwear, and a few months ago Justin Bieber broke the internet with his Calvin Klein Underwear campaing. Both of them have amazing and very successful careers but they’re also very different: because of their age, for example (Calvin is 10 years older than Justin), their country (one is European and the other one is Canadian) one has many tattoos and the other one is pretty “clean”. But which one is the best? We tried to find the answer…

TBS ♥ Justin because:
1. In this campaign he looks more natural than ever.
2. We love boxers and he wore them perfectly!
3. He isn’t a boy anymore, he is a man. A very hot man.
4. When that smile meets a perfect body, you have an incredible result.
5. In these photos he is the perfect expression of “young and cool”.

justin bieber


justin bieber

Justin Bieber ad

TBS ♥ Calvin because
1. He has the charm of a real man.
2. That beard on that face looks  lovely.
3. He has the perfect body: healthy, athletic, but not too muscular.
4. He represents a very pure and natural beauty.
5. He is the perfect man we would like to marry.

Calvin HarrisCalvin HarrisCalvin Harris_

Well guys, the result is clear, we found 5 good things for both of them, so we have a perfect balance and we can’t decide! We have to be honest: we prefer David Beckham! 🙂

david beckham

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