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Senza titolo_psdring1Let’s be honest, an engagement ring is every girl’s dream and they would all be proud of wearing one and showing it to whole wide world, right? Not really, because Amal Alamuddin a.k.a. Mrs Clooney decided to take the 7-carat ring the handsome George gave her for their engagement off her finger, because, according to her, it would put at risk her professionalism as a lawyer. Quite an unusual choice for the world of star system, in which women never miss the opportunity to show it off and have it photographed. Here’s a selection of celebrity most beautiful engagement rings. What do you think?

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  • WoW Fergie’s engagement ring is ugly as he11. Did her husband really give that to her? I really like the Gwyneth and Jessica Alba rings though.

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    I like the blake’s one

    Reply to Nadin
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