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justinPeople have different opinions about him, some like him and others don’t, but his talent is undeniable. Who are we talking about? About Justin Bieber, of course! We’re fans of him, and, since his new album ‘Purpose’ was released, we can’t stop looking for news and videos about him. Are you beliebers too? ☺ Then you’ll go crazy for this videos of Justin that you might haven’t seen before: starting with the one where he plays the drums when he was two years old, to the one in which James Corden and him carpool through Los Angeles singing some of Justin’s classic songs, and James challenges him to finish a Rubik’s Cube. Do you know of other good ones? Let us know!

1 ) Justin and James singing in the car, but the most amazing thing is Justin’s ability to finish the Rubik’s cube. WOW.

2) James & Justin reunite to carpool through Los Angeles singing some of Justin’s new hits, as well as classics like Alanis Morissette’s “Ironic.”

3) Justin reveals how Selena Gomez influenced his new album and performs a version of “Sorry” for Ellen DeGeneres.

4) Justin surprises some of his fans at Ellen’s show, once again.

5) Justin Bieber stops by the iHeartRadio Studios and surprises some lucky fans with a private meeting!

6) Justin appeared in The Simpson show.

7) Justin and his little sister Jazmyn. The best, cute and funny moments.

8) J first interview (before he got famous).

9) Justin childhood homevideos. Isn’t he adorable?

10) Justin + Lara Stone Calvin Klein Jeans Spring 2015.

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