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If you didn’t blackout during the last days you for sure got shocked, again, by world’s #1 internet breaker: Kim Kardashian…a lit up one! Kanye West’s wife posted a picture as she steps out, in a whole new look, from her hairdressers salon showing off a new platinum, icy and fluorescent look. Short after the reality tv star debuted her new peroxide blonde slicked-back do at the Balmain show.

Of course she’s not the only celeb that completely changed style recently: in the gallery below you’ll find 6 hair colour makeovers done by vips. Like ’em now or do you prefer the older version of them?

26 Responses to “Kim Kardashian and the Most Dramatic Celebrity Hair Color Makeovers”

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    Reply to Kim Kardashian
  • How is it possible that every single celeb seems to look amazing with both dark and blonde hair? GOALS!

    I think Kim has done it for attention, which is exactly what she has got so I think ‘you go glen co co’


    Reply to Lauren Bell
  • The problem isn’t Kims blonde, it’s that he didn’t got rid of the yellow particles in it. A good toner – and she’ll look fabulous!
    And I didn’t know that Elle Fanning was brunette now. She looks so much better!

    Annika from themuffintop-less.blogspot.de

    Reply to Annika
  • I think everyone looks better blonde, lol! I do like the weird blonde hair on her, but like changing a scarf, she’ll be back to brown or black in no time, I’m sure. If this was about shock value, she succeeded.

    Reply to Lisa
  • Ooh Kim, I’m not sure, she’s stunning so she suits anything but her dark hair is her trademark!
    -Grace xx

    P.S. Would really appreciate it if you could check out my blog and maybe follow if you feel so inclined? <3


    Reply to Grace
  • Cool post, it’s crazy to see the before and after. I like Cara Delevingne as a blonde the best!

    Reply to Alcina
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