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Composit - Dichiarazioni d'amoreIt’s just 3 words, yet pronouncing them seems quite difficult. If everybody says I Love You on Valentine’s Day, you can’t be outdone. But you should do it in an epic way! You have many alternatives to choose from: writing a poem, a song or a speech, laying under a stoplight, booking a trip to Paris or traveling back in time until you reach the romantic 1800’s… The possibilities are endless! Get inspired by the absolute most beautiful declarations of love (on film). What’s your favorite?

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21 Responses to “The most beautiful declarations of love in movies”

    Pride and prejudice is my favourite film, I love it!

    Reply to Jane
  • 10 Things I Hate About You will forever be one of my favourite movies anyways, it’s so beautiful and extraordinary. I’ve seen it like a hundred times but it always leaves me sobbing again because it’s just so brilliant and cute.

    Reply to Sarah Cosmos
  • What a great idea to put all of these scenes together. But I must say 10 thing I hate about you scene where Heath Ledger does “Can’t Take My Eyes Off of you” is my favourite.

    Girl Against Oleka

    Reply to Asli

    the pride and prejudice movie is awesome!

    Reply to Nadin
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