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saint_westoffAccording to the her gynecologist, he was supposed to be born on Christmas day but in the life of Kim Kardashian nothing is predictable, not even the birth of a child, in fact, the second-born in the West-Kardashian family surprised everyone on Saturday, December 5th. Ok, but what’s his name? This was the question many of us asked when they heard the happy news, yet, no one, not even the most reliable tabloids knew the answer. Only after two days, the parents decided to reveal the name: Saint, Saint West. Let’s admit it, no one could imagine such a “innocent” name for the son of the junoesque Kim. The name is odd but not much if compared to Hollywood trends…maybe you’ve missed some of the name celebs chose for their kids! From Mariah Carey’s daughter to Nicolas Cage’s son (but also Ashlee Simpson’s son’s name is something else!), here’s our selection of the strangest celebrity baby names!

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