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A question has been shaking the web since yesterday: are the Spice Girls back? Well, let’s keep calm! Everything we know is that 4 unpublished songs (from their final album Forever) have been leaked and immediately put online. And, by the way, last year during an interview  Sporty Spice Mel C alluded to a possible reunion in 2016, since it is the 20th Anniversary of the song Wannabe, which was also elected  the catchiest song ever. While we’re waiting for a confirmation, we analyzed their looks from the 90’s and we decided that they are absolutely actual and modern. Moreover, what we used to think of as freaky and exaggerated is now definitely a trend. It seems hard to believe, we know, but we can show you the evidence: read below and relive the past!

spice girlsMel B. Iron abs + crop top: these are the musts of her style, and if some years ago only very young girls were wearing it, now that’s one of the biggest trends on the catwalk. 

emma spice girlsEmma The youngest of the group always wore shoes with huge platforms. So bad at the time, so cool now! Stella McCartney is one of its biggest fans, and we all remember the memorable Prada Spring Summer 2013 Orient-inspired collection, right?

victoria spice girls

Victoria Now she’s absolutely an icon, she is chic and glamourous and she has a great sense of style, but in the 90’s Posh was not exactly what we’d call “elegant”, despite her nickname. Her statement piece was the little black dress, very short and tight: if back then it was considered as an anonymous and rude style, now i’ts a trend, represented perfectly by Kim Kardashian with her basic but sexy looks.

mel c spice girls

Mel C We have to be honest, Mel C was always considered the un-cool Spice Girl, the one who didn’t have any sense of fashion and coolness. Well guys things have definitely changed, the Sporty Spice was right, and now every type of woman wears sporty items for any situation. Sportswear is cool and designer collaborations with sport brands testify it: Stella McCartney and Jeremy Scott x Adidas, Alexander Wang x H&M, Rick Owens x Nike.

geri spice girls

Geri Red hair and an explosive body, Ginger Spice was the most fun in terms of style. She used to wear the Union Jack as a dress and very sexy outfits like the one above. A vynil total look? Terrible at that time, super cool now, as we can see on the catwalk in the Louis Vuitton and Saint Laurent by Hedi Slimane collections, for example.

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