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Do you feel more like Bella in Twilight or like Vivian in Pretty Woman? Or have you always imagined to be the protagonist of an endless love story like that of Carrie and Big in Sex and The City? To celebrate St. Valentine’s day we choose 10 of the best movie couples of all the time: from the iconic La Dolce Vita to the modern love story of  Notting Hill. Which one is your favourite?

jack-and-rose titanicJack and Rose (Titanic). This “not so happy ending” couple is probably one of the all time favourites. Family affairs, social differences and the craziness of youth made this love unique.

edward scissorhandsEdward and Kim (Edward scissorhands). Unusual, passionate and touching, this is the love story of Kim and Edward. Initially Kim was obviously afraid of the man with scissorhands but quickly she fell in love with him, a man with a bizarre aspect but a very tender heart.

will anna notting hillWill and Anna (Notting Hill). What would happen if a famous Hollywood star met a simple owner of a bookshop? Everyone knows the answer: they became one of the most iconic couples ever. Initially their social differences make Will feel inadequate in many situations, causing their relationship to take a break. In the end, as you certainly remember, we see the couple sitting on a bench showing proud Anna’s baby bump.

GhostSam and Molly (Ghost). This movie couple shows us how strong love can be. They loved each other in life but their love still continued even stronger after the death of Sam, who became a ghost and continued to protect her wife.

Kristen Stewart Bella Swan and Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen in The Twilight Saga-Breaking Dawn. Part 1Edward and Bella (Twilight). This is probably the most modern couple that make us dream of an “impossible love” becoming real. Everyone remembers when Edward confesses his true identity to Bella. These two are idols for all the teenagers (and vampires idols too!).

the holiday amanda grahamAmanda and Graham (The Holiday). Amanda was totally stressed, fed up with her life in Los Angeles and disheartened from the recent brake up with her unfaithful boyfriend. She decides to leave her home to escape from everything; in a very small town near London she finds the love of her life, Graham. Hilarious but extremely romantic!

sex-and-the-city carrie mr bigCarrie and Mr.Big (Sex and The City). This is for sure the most famous couple of the fashion system. All the fashionistas (and not only them) still dream to have a Mr Big in their life… but above all Carrie’s wedding dress. 

Mr Mrs smithJohn and Jane (Mr and Mrs Smith). With this movie the bradangelina era officially began. We see the couple in action, skilled in many situations and becoming the most lovely assassins in the world… not a “normal” married couple at all! Beautiful, young, bad and irresistible: who wouldn’t love to be one of those two characters?

la-dolce-vita-Marcello and Sylvia (La Dolce Vita). If you are not Italian, and you think about European old movies, the one on the top of the list is for sure La Dolce Vita. The beautiful actress Sylvia comes to Rome and Marcello, journalist, is in charge of following her during her stay. This couple still remains (after more than 50 years) an example of elegance and courtesy. Unforgettable is the scene where Syvia – Anita Ekberg, who passed away just a months ago – is inside Fontana di Trevi and says «Marcello come in».

pretty woman vivian Edward and Vivian (Pretty Woman). She is a Hollywood prostitute and he is a wealthy businessman, a sad and normal story that becomes a fairytale. Step by step the naive and messy Vivian conquers Edward’s arid heart, tranforming him in a real Prince Charming. According to the critics, the most popular movie of the globe.

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