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After having seen them in their awesome shape wearing a swimsuit, we ask ourselves…where do celebrities go on holidays? One thing is sure; in summer, they all prefer the beach, the sea, the sun and maybe a super exclusive yacht. Some choose Southern Europe, with Italy on the top list (Positano, Capri and Sicily), followed by Spain and Greece. Others prefer spending their holidays in Central America (Mexico and Barbados). Browse through our gallery to find out the star system’s favorite destinations. 

21 Responses to “SUMMER 2015: Where do celebrities go on holidays? Here are the most popular destinations!”

  • I think Ibiza is the place where most celebrities spend there holidays. This is Mariah, Paris, Doutzen, Kate, Armani, Kate Hudson and Naomie so far. Beside that lots of football players.

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    But.. there is SOMEONE behind olivia palermo… I guess!

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    This just makes me want to travel soooo much, but then I realize I don’t have the money or age to do it. For the moment I can dream, because it’s free 😉 Great post!!

    Julia xx

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