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coperrrrrtEven if the sun and hot weather are yet to come in this odd spring season, our minds are already wandering to summer holidays, to the seaside, and obviously, to getting our bodies beach-ready! What is the best way to prepare ourselves, then? You need to start on time — that means you should watch what you eat year-round, rather than trying to find a last-minute quick fix. You should be doing the same with sports, practicing them all year, going for consistency rather than subjecting your body to occasional bouts of intense physical activity. Look at celebrities: from models to singers, they eat well and try to practice some form of exercise for one hour a day, at least three times a week. Some choose aerobic activities in the gym, others go jogging, or practice yoga and pilates, while others have their own personal trainer, who tailors their physical activity to their needs, day after day.

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  • Loving all of these inspirational photos/tips from the stars! 🙂 I love doing yoga, but it’s especially fun in the summer! Thank you so much for sharing! Can’t wait to get super fit for the warmer days!

    XO, Elizabeth

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