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jajajaIt’s time for holidays, even for celebrities who, with the warm season rocked their favorite swimsuit showing us their perfect shape on Instagram. We are used to their dream gowns and, now, it is time to see them wearing a swimsuit in the sun while they enjoy their well deserved rest.  Some prefer the one piece like Beyoncé, or classic bikini like Kendall Jenner, and others like it multicolor or monochrome. One thing is already clear: the contest to pick the beach most glamorous girl has officially begun. Who do you like best?

24 Responses to “Summer 2015: Celebrities favorite swimsuits”

    Beyonce can rock any swinsuit in the world, and Alessandra Ambrosio is a VS Angel. If she can’t rock a bikini, then I don’t know who can. And I love that red and leopard print one that Emily Ratajkowski is wearing. http://www.iamj.es/

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  • I am loving all of the crazy, random straps trend. Super unique, even if it gives weird tan lines.

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    Loved everyone of the chosen swimsuits especially Gigi’s black and white bikini!


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