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dollarTaylor Swift just insured her legs for what seems like a ludicrous sum: $40 million dollars! You got it right, even the young hitmaker (only 25 years old) needed peace of mind when it came to her career, also meaning that if something were ever to happen to her pins that prevented her from performing, she wouldn’t have to worry about going broke. But T-Swift is not the first celebrity that did a crazy insurance: first in line is Jennifer Lopez, the singer insured her b-side for $27 million, Julia Roberts’ smile is worth $22 million, while Mariah Carey was able to insure her legs for $1 billion. So when it comes to a bizarre insurance policy here are 10 examples you can’t miss. But let’s be honest, certain celebs are known for their looks that if damaged  could impede them from doing what they do best.

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  • Can’t really say that I’m surprised, but my only thought is, how on earth do you appraise body parts, you know? How do you determine that one set of legs is worth this much but another isn’t? It’s almost like it’s different standards of beauty.


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