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coperInstagramEveryone has a tough day once in a while and, most of, all everyone happens to feel bored during the day… What’s one of the first things we do in these situations? Checking our phone for something that will distract us and make us get away from reality, even for a moment. Here are the 10 funniest Instagram accounts ever. You just have to follow them and they’ll do the rest, with the pictures they put up daily and hat will surely put a smile on your face. Some accounts are totally hilarious; you don’t believe us? Check out the gallery and if you’re still not following them…what are you waiting for?

Who invented this is a total genius! This profile will make you laugh from the very first picture, because it’s simply impossible to resist to iconic Meryl Streep virtually living absurd situations!

A profile that is completely dedicated to unlucky men, featuring shots and images that capture them in fun and unusual situations. How many times did we want to take a picture of our boyfriend in a funny situation? Well they did it for you. <3

Cats lovers and not, be prepared for the absurd! This profile portrays your favorite pets surrounded by cash, acting as NY rappers. LOL

Zach King is actually already an Instagram star with over 12 million followers, but we couldn’t leave him out of this list. His videos are amazing and don’t worry if you’ll spend hours watching him and asking yourself how he does it…It’s all normal.

Kanye West: the somber, strong, tough man that never smiles, not even watching the best comedy, is clearly exposed thanks to this account that shows a human Kanye…who is doing things:)

Think about one of the simplest things a person can do…having a coffee. Especially in the US, the morning ritual consists of grabbing it to go at Starbucks: Josh Hara, not only never goes without its American coffee, but he draws wonderful and fun comic strips on its carton cup.

The friend of international stars… better yet, their best friend! Yes, because her goes everywhere with them: parties, restaurants…even at home to relax! Photoshop and the imagination of this young man will have you die laughing.

How many times have we been witnesses of embarrassing situations while travelling? Too many! Here is a profile that gathers all the pictures portraying people in the most absurd positions, to the limit of decency.

Their sweet innocence and naivety…and often even very funny! This profile is dedicated to kids and all the troubles they cause. Following this profile you will want to become a parent…or the exact opposite!

How is having a skeleton as a friend, going to dinner with him, to the SPA or even to bed? This account of nearly 300k followers will show you. Such an absurd idea, has to be this funny!

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