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COPECARPOOLIt became one of the funniest events of the moment. All music enthusiasts, and not just them, wait impatiently for a new video to be released to see who the next pop star to enter the famous car will be. What we’re talking about? James Corden‘s legendary Carpool Karaoke of course! For the few of you who still haven’t seen this videos (which went viral beyond belief), it is simply the good old karaoke, but played in a car with a super famous artist who will sing his songs live. What makes everything much more hilarious is James’ engaging exuberance, that is able to transform even the most hostile celebrity in a real comedian. The duet with Adele in which she imitates Nicki Minaj and sings the Spice Girls is unforgettable, as well as  the sketches with Justin Bieber, who loved the experience so much that he came back for a second one. If you never saw then, we suggest you do and if you already have, it doesn’t matter, do it again: they will certainly put you in a good mood! Here are our favorite 10. Which one did you like most?



First Lady Michelle Obama

NEW: Selena Gomez

Red Hot Chili Peppers

Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas 

Gwen Stefani, Julia Roberts and George Clooney.

Jennifer Lopez

1. Justin Bieber

2. Adele

3. Chris Martin

4. Sia

5. Stevie Wonder

6. Mariah Carey

7. Jason Derulo

8. Jennifer Hudson

9. Iggy Azalea

10. One Direction

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