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NEW YORK, NEW YORK! Not just streetstyle fashion and impressive skyscrapers, but also the cinematographic set for the most beautiful movies of all time. Yes, because the Big Apple with its immense streets, its well-kept and huge parks, the Hudson River and its unique views, is one of the directors’ favorite locations. The environment and atmosphere can be very versatile, as the city served as ideal setting for romantic movies like Woody Allen’s Manhattan as well as lighter comedies like Sex and the City or international colossal of the likes of The Godfather or King Kong. This is our homage to this last day of NYFW: a gallery featuring the best scenes from movies set in New York City.

8 Responses to “The best movies set in New York”

    Manca Gossip Girl! La lista non è completa senza di esso!

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  • New York has the best background and scenery that you will find. Its like no other place on earth

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  • So many amazing timeless, classics. Let’s not forget to mention all of the amazing tv shows like Sex and the City, Friends and the Mindy Project

    Reply to Tereza
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