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gifts When you are the most beautiful Hollywood couples and one of the richest; when your career is studded by incredible successes and your life that is enriched by 6 wonderful kids, a question arises: what more could you want in life? An island! This is what Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt decided to buy, a private Greek atoll that cost $4,7 million  where they can spend the summer holidays with their many kids, who can finally enjoy the sea and the beach without worrying about being followed by paparazzi (it seems that this might be the reason that led the “Brangelina” to buy the island). If this purchase might seem useful for the sake of family serenity,  you won’t think the same about the absurd shopping sprees that stars went on for their partners or themselves. Some bought an Electro Magnetic Field to detect the ghosts, some gifted his wife with a fast food chain and others booked a business flight for their hat. Who are they? Find it out in our gallery!

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