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COPERTINAcoppieThe show took place a few days ago and, let’s be honest, it’ has really been impossible to resist the temptation of talking about Victoria’s Secret’s angels, who literally dominated New York. Seeing them walk the runway with their statuesque body and incredible confidence just makes us want to think: lucky boyfriends! Yes, because many of these models are not just going out with somebody, some of them are also  married! Would you like to know who the lucky ones are? Browse through the gallery and let us know which one is your favorite couple.

30 Responses to “Victoria’s Secret: let’s meet the angel’s boyfriends!”

    Love Hermann and Candice

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    I think Douzen & Sunnery are such a cute couple. And their kids are just so adorable 🙂

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    Caleb and Lily ! Best couple ever !! ;D

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    Just an update: Shanina isn’t dating Tyson, they broke a long time ago. She is actually dating Dj Ruckus, invited Dj to host the after party of VS.

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