Today is Gigi Hadid‘s birthday! The USA supermodel today turns 23 and we could not wish her the best as the rest of the world is doing. Why are we obsessed with her? Here you are 5 reasons why we love Gigi Hadid!


rangerstown 🌭

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She’s a sporty girl

We just need to take a look at Gigi Hadid’s body to realize she must be a sporty girl. Actually, sport for her is a true passion: boxe, volleyball and horseriding are her fave. Plus, she also loves to watch it live: when she’s not on fashion duty, she never miss a Ranger’s game!

She loves her sister

Gigi and Bella Hadid are among the most wanted supermodels right now. If you think that this can damage their relationship, you’re so wrong: Gigi has a special bond with her sister and she loves to share on Instagram sweet throwbacks of their childhood together.



She slays on the catwalk

Is it possible not to be obsessed with her runway walk? We can watch her videos again and again and again…


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She’s socially and politically involved 

She’s beautiful, but she also has a beautiful brain! Gigi Hadid take the causes in which she believes at her heart. Last year, she and her sister Bella din’t wait a minute to protest in the streets on New York against Trump’s anti-immigration policies.



For her sense of style

Gigi Hadid looks? A daily constant inspiration. We are obsessed with her red carpet’s gowns, but especially with her everyday outfits, in which she loves to mix super casual pieces to contemporary items.



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