Justin Timberlake has been in the spotlight in these days. After Super Bowl exhibition, his lates album “Man of the woods” debuted at the top of the Billboard chart, far away from the results of the past. Well, our hear still beats for the prince of pop, who can make us dance from our teenage years ’til now. So let’s enjoy this throwback!


From Mickey Mouse Club to ‘N Sync

Justin Timberlake was born in 1981 and he astarted his careeer at 12 years old at the Mickey Mouse Club, where he will meet Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and Ryan Gosling. In 1995 he met again Jc Chasez, another cast member of the Disney show, and hthey founded ‘N Synce. Did you know that they bagan their career in Europe? They rose to prominence in SA only in 1998, but they found real success in 2000 with their second album “No strings attached”, with the n°1 single “Bye bye bye”. During the ‘N Sync years, Justin fell in love with Britney. The end came in 2002, when Justin started to imagine his future as prince of pop.


Succesful popstar and producer

His first album was “Justified” (2002). You have to remember the beautiful “Cry me a river”, where an angry Justin tells everything about the split from Britney, that seemed to hook up with coreographer Wade Robson. This album success brought him to 2003 Super Bowl halftime show, that we all remember for Jabet Jackson’s “Wardrobe malfunction”. After this accident, in 2004 he won his 2 first Grammy Awards. Then, we have “Future Sex/Love Sounds” (2006), “The 20/20 experience” and “The 20/20 Experience 2 of 2” (2013). You gotta know that Justin, in these years, has worked as a producer with Madonna, Rihanna and Duran Duran.


On screen

Only a few popstars was able to create a career in cinema, and Justin is one of them. His very first big opportunity was in 2005 with “Edison City”, but we remember him as Sean Parker, Napster’s founder, in “The Social Network” (2010). He also voiced King Arthur in “Shrek the third” and Branch in “Trolls”, unveiled at 2016 Cannes film festival.


Three important romances

He’s married since 2012 to Jessica Biel and three years ago he became a father to wonderful Sylas. But if you met Justyin for th first time at medium or high school, you’ll remember him with Britney, for sure. The golden couple of pop music made us dream, but unfortunately it became a nightmare: after almost 15 years from their break up, it seems they still prefer not to show u at the same events. In the meantime, from 2003 to 2006, Justin was in love with Cameron Diaz, with whom he has a friendly relationship: they even acted together in “Shrek” and “Bad teacher”.


The last chapter: “Man of the woods”

“Filthy”, the first single from the new era “Man of the woods”, was released on january 5th. The album was officially launched at the latest Super Bowl, where Justin performed during the halftime show. He scored his fourth number one album, but it was the most unsuccessful debut for him. Anyway, we’re pretty sure he still has some aces in the hole.

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