kimIt’s a well-known fact that the Far East is a fascinating place, which with its cultures and traditions has always inspired the art and fashion worlds. Especially most recently that the kimono has been rediscovered as one of the coolest items to have in your closet, both in winter and in summer. Wearing it might seem difficult, but adapting it to your own style and combining it with items from your closet is actually easier than it seems. Need some examples? Those who love a simple look can use it as a catchy detail on an all-black outfit, for those with a gypsy soul combine it with ankle boots and shorts, or leather pants, those who instead have the rock spirit can choose dark colours and wear it with combat boots and t-shirts. And for the evening?  All you need is a pair of gold pumps and sparkling jewellery to show off its elegant side. For those, however, that don’t feel like wearing it in the city, just put it in your summer luggage: wear it at the seaside over your swimsuit, it will be the chic detail that makes the difference!

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