cooopeBRIT Awards 2016 took place last night, in the magical setting of London’s O₂ Arena. There were plenty of memorable performances: from Rihanna‘s super sexy moves with Drake, to the “explosive ” Justin Bieber and the impeccable Adele, who was super elegant in Valentino. It was the artist of Hello, the absolute protagonist of the night, conquering the stage (and not only) and winning 4 awards, among which one of the most prestigious if all, Album of the Year. But this wasn’t just an evening dedicated to music; outside the arena, at the photo call a triumph of outfits caught the eye of the photographers…and, of course, ours as well! Who do you think was the most beautiful last night? Find out our favorite looks in the gallery!


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    Kris Jenner is more than she seems. We recently caught up with her in Miami and did a video about what we learned from her. Thought you’d be interested.

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    I wish Adel;e would loo after herself better

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