copegrammyAs every year, last night Los Angeles hosted the Grammy Awards, the most important international music event of the year. Many were the guests and the performances, among which, Lady Gaga‘s touching tribute to David Bowie and Taylor Swift‘s performance that left everyone speechless. The star of the night? Her, Taylor, who racked up 3 awards! The night was full of surprises: from a quite disappointing performance of Adele to Rihanna‘s (unjustified) absence, who should have also had performed during the evening. What happened is still a mystery, but what’s sure is that the looks of the stars don’t cease to amaze us! As every year, the outfits were the protagonists of the night; from Beyoncé to Selena Gomez, choosing the best look it’s a real hard task. Our gallery features our favorite ones…now it’s your turn. What dress you were most impressed by?

20 Responses to “Grammy Awards 2016: the best looks”

    Love TBS! However, please note Adele’s performance was due to sound issues. The mic fell in the piano and she was unable to properly hear the mix. Considering, she did very well!

    Reply to Lauren
  • It’s so hard to choose! Taylor who owned the stage, Ciara who was showing how to do SEXY, or Zendaya who looked like a straight girl boss in a pant suit?!? I’ll choose all three

    Reply to Mollie moon

    Giuliana Ransic! That dress looks like a mixture of Louboutin’s Apollo boots and Suellena heels. Stunning!

    Reply to Elizabeth
  • I love Beyoncé, Taylor Swift and Adele’s dresses. They’re breathtaking x

    Reply to JokeValerie
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