cover beaytyThe looks of the VMAs surprised us with originality and boldness and we had fun voting the celebs and picking our favorites. But, if their outfits are almost unwearable in real life, it’s different for their beauty choices. Hair pulled back and natural makeup with touches of gold: the trend is showing a healthy look highlighting the tan, souvenir of our summer holidays. Open forehead with the hair tied up in a high ponytail like Miley Cirus or Britney Spears, or loose but pulled back like Kim Kardashian and Gigi Hadid. The makeup opts for gold shades: eye shadows but also golden powders on the skin and also on the lips mixed with a gloss or nude lipstick. Who can’t go without black, our advice is to follow Taylor Swift’s example and go for an elongated kitten smokey eye which enhances the look making it more mysterious.

VMA 2015: Our favorite red carpet looks.

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19 Responses to “Hair & Makeup trends: Get the VMAs coolest beauty looks”

    I’m sorry but none of them look natural at all.
    The VMAs should consider giving the Skankiest award of the year. Def a tough choice.

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  • Love all your posts, had to skim this one because I haven’t had a chance to watch the VMAs and I love seeing what everyone is wearing, especially their makeup. Will definitely read again after I have watched it tonight!

    Kiran x

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