EDEIn America there’s an even that every student anxiously awaits. And no we’re not talking about the end of school, but prom, which is the end of year dance! All the girls hope to be invited by the guy they have a crush on, and they start preparations many months in advance, choosing the right dress to help them become, at least for him, the queen of the night. This ceremony, which concludes the school year, involves everyone, even Hollywood stars! In fact last week the teenager-of-the-moment Lily-Rose Depp attended her first prom at school in LA. The 17-year-old daughter of Vanessa Paradis and Johnny Depp arrived in a dress worthy of the red carpet, capturing the attention of her friends and certainly the hearts of more than one boy! Seeing her looking dreamy, we asked ourselves: what did our favorite celebrities looked like on the night of their first prom? The answer is in our gallery, with pictures from the family albums of stars from the world of show business and cinema; from Beyoncé to Brad Pitt. Who is your favorite?

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  • I ever dreamed about this day , but in Italy was different.

    Anyway great post !

    Reply to Maria
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