Senza titolo-1The SAG awards (the last big event before the Oscars) has selected the best actors of 2016. Who were the winners of “the Actor” (this is the name of the SAG’s statue)? No surprise at all; everything was even too predictable. Leonardo DiCaprio gained himself the award for best actor and Brie Larson for best actress… And if you think that the SAG awards are considered a reliable source and a preview of the Oscars, everything is going as anticipated and there will be few surprises even on February 28th. If these results were already in the air, we cannot say the same about the clothes: celebs, in fact, surprised us with theirs looks! Who rocked the best one? In our gallery you’ll find our favorite looks of the night, now it’s your turn to let us know the actress that impressed you most.

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    Brie, Anna, Emila, Sofia, were my favorites

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    love those looks!

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