JoyJoy Mangano is our new heroine. The role played by Jennifer Lawrence in her latest movie JOY, directed by David O. Russell  – in all theaters since early January 2016- left us speechless. The movie, set in the late 1980’s / early 1990’s, narrates the story of a hard working woman, that, thanks to her immense determination and energy becomes one of the most successful business women of the United States with the invention of the Miracle Mop (the mop we all have at home). Her motto was: ‘You will only get what you fought for’. In our gallery we let her style inspire us. What are your favorite pieces?

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    Omg. I could identify so much with the role of Joy -her personality, style of dress, position in her abusive family dynamics especially with her father, her creativity, sensitivity, fortitude and conviction. I adored this movie and feel inspired by it.

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