petiThe song that gained her fame this Summer was Baby Love, but we’ve been her fans since, a year and a half ago, we came across her cover of Joe Le Taxi and the wonderful  Backpack video, shot by Napoleon Habeica. Born in France from parents of Polish origins and raised in Tel Aviv, Israel, Petite Meller is a music, psychoanalysis and film enthusiast. This lovely singer, that is about to graduate in Philosophy at Paris-Sorbonne University, invented a new musical genre in order to define her music. Nouveau Jazzy Pop, in other words a mix of French music, jazz, saxophones and African bongos. Did you know her debut album will be released next month?! You’ll see, you will love the super peculiar style of her music that distinguish her and her art. We interpreted it with clothes and accessories that you’ll find in our gallery. Ok, we are crazy about Petite Meller, that’s for sure!

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