While searching for some inspiration and some trends, I started watching Sex & The City again, starting from first season, and let me tell you, this was one of the smartest moves of the past year. While talking about fashion and about the TV show, my first thought was, how trivial. But after watching it again and studying it a little, I realised that I actually had a true treasure in front of my eyes.

In addition to clothing, which I will get to in a few lines, it is quite important to think about the emancipated lives that the girls in the series all lead: yes, they often talk about men, but at the end of the day, the four characters are all career women, who enjoy life and have the kind of full, happy routine we — me included! — would all want, both when they are in a relationship and when they are single.

But let’s get to the more interesting topic, which is, Carrie Bradshaw’s style. If you look at trends from the 1990s and the 2000s, you will see she is the true queen of those: low-waist crop pants, chain belts, crop tops, spaghetti dresses, cowboy hats, berets, bandana tops, foulards worn as headdress, tracksuits and leggings with high heels, sabots, and more sabot-style shoes. I think I named about a million trends, and I still haven’t taken a million looks into account.

It was after figuring out that she used to match her dream shoes with clothing from a vintage store that I realized I had found my muse! Having unique clothing items you can match to beautiful, feminine accessories should be everyone’s life philosophy. And don’t believe that you need an unlimited budget for this, all you need is some sense of style and some time to do your research! If you don’t know where to start, but you are also fans of Carrie, and would like to have some more glam in your wardrobe, you will find some ideas below, inspired by Carrie’s most beautiful looks ever. Ready for a bit of Sex & The City in your life?

Carrie Bradshaw’s style: some extra glam in your wardrobe is always a good idea! 

Carrie Bradshaw’s style: one of her most cool looks ever!

Carrie Bradshaw’s style: she is the true queen of berets & femminine looks

Carrie Bradshaw’s style: if you look at trends from the 1990s and the 2000s, she is your girl!

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