Bella Hadid initially was just famous for being Gigi’s little sister, but she quickly surprised us by showing up at fashion shows and taking part in some important campaigns, the latest of which was Calvin Klein’s. Amazing, right?

It’s not just her surname or her career as a model that do it for us, though, we actually love her defined, cool and sexy style. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that the results are too much, actually, her way of matchi ng a crop top or a mini dress is always very chic, and believe us: it’s not simple to pull that off, it requires experience! Do you remember the awesome red dress by Alexandre Gauthier that she wore at Cannes? Can you name anyone who didn’t think she looked terrific? You can’t. Can you? Have a look at the gallery, where we collected 3 outfit ideas inspired by her style. What do you think?



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