Would you ever have thought that a little girl could be more stylish than us, big people? The fact is, yes, it can happen. Coco Pink Princess is a 6-year-old Japanese girl who loves fashion and vintage, and after spending months following her on Instagram, we are pretty sure we need to add her to our list of the most stylish girls around right now.

We aren’t actually big fans of children getting overly exposed on social media, however, Coco’s story is different and it deserves to be told. Born in Fukushima, Coco moved to Tokyo with her family when she was just a few months old, and in the city, she discovered a new world and an early passion for fashion, by spending time at Funktique Tokyo, her family’s vintage clothing store. Every day after school, Coco spent time with her parents at the shop, until it became her second home, and this got her to learn the job from some of the best vintage treasure hunters in the country. The store became very famous and it became the go-to place for influencers and social media fans, who befriended Coco and encouraged her to start her own Instagram profile.

Feeling at home at Funktique Tokyo is what gave Coco the chance to create such a defined identity for herself at only 6: in her profile, you will find photos of her life and her sporty, cool, and very pink style. Bomber jackets, berets, kimono shirts, logo t-shirts, blazers with belts on top, thin glasses, furry bags, cowboy booties and so many other vintage treasures are among the vintage pearls she shares with her over 300k followers.

If you are also vintage fans, you will definitely love Coco’s style and the amazing items that blow our mind in her Instagram photos. So, are you ready to get lifestyle lessons from a 6-year-old? We are sure that if she starts out like this, she will be a street style queen by the time she is an adult… So, get ready! 🙂

Coco pink princess style: blazer jackets over track pants… check! 

Coco pink princess style: vintage tees + midi skirts ♥

Coco pink princess style: the cool sophisticated look is our favorite!

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