willowKarl Lagerfeld has chosen Willow Smith as the new ambassador of Chanel. She is the youngest ambassador to ever been chosen by the brand (before her it was Lily Rose, Johnny Deep’s 16-year-old daughter) even though in this case it’s surely not a debut on the scenes. Singer, with an album release and several singles, actress (her cinematic debut was at 7 years old with her father Will Smith in the movie I Am Legend) and trendsetter, she has been wearing Chanel pieces for a while now, mixing them with her very street and eclectic at times futuristic, that we love so much. We love her fun, bubbly and well organized Instagram profile as well. This beauty is just 15, she loves art and fashion and as you will notice going through her profile, has a passion for pink, lilac and blue filters. We’re curious to discover what the images in which she will pose for Chanel will look like!


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