Every city has the “popular girl” we would all like to be friends with, or whose style be would like to be able to imitate. Los Angeles has one, and she’s our new pop-punk muse with whom you’ll fall in love as fast as we did: her name is Jesse Jo Stark.

Can you believe that she’s been designing clothes since she was a child (6 years old!); that she loves vintage and colored hats are totally up her alley; that she sings and her parents founded Chrome Hearts, one of the hottest brands right now? Are you looking her up to follow her on social media yet? And what if we told you that Cher is her godmother? I challenge you to find a more interesting person!

In addition to her singing career, Jesse Jo Stark has partnered with Chrome Hearts and Vans, which are super representative of her style. She loves tartan, berets, small sunglasses, combat boots, sneakers; the masculine and mysterious charm she emanates makes her a unique muse.

She’s @Jessejostark on Instagram, and if you want some help stealing her style, scroll down to the gallery for some ideas inspired by her coolest outfits. Are you in love already?

Jesse Jo Stark style: tartan and combat boots are a must of her closet

Jesse Jo Stark style: what do you think about colorful berets + leopard print dresses?

Jesse Jo Stark style: we told you, she is the new muse to follow! 

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