Lauren Hutton, American actress and supermodel in the 1970s, who rose to fame in the 1980s for her role in American Gigolo, is under the spotlight again today, at 73, in Calvin Klein‘s new underwear campaign, directed by Sofia Coppola, to show that beauty has no age. What can we say? We adore her! Not just for her beauty, but for her feminine and masculine style, so sophisticated, so cool, which is expressed in her colorful blazers, palazzo pants, trench coats, pink suits with white Converse sneakers, party looks that would look perfect at Studio 54, and the inevitable fisherman hats. Did you know her already? If you like her, have a look at some of the looks we collected in the gallery, inspired by her style. If you didn’t realize it, they are basically a summary of all of 2017’s trends!

Lauren Hutton style: so perfect! 

Lauren Hutton style: so cool! 

Lauren Hutton style: so sophisticated! 

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