Our research of style matters takes us to Spain today, where we found someone you should know about, Maria Bernad: stylist, designer and vintage fashion lover, and one of the most popular It girls right now.

Even though we’ve been following her for some time, after we saw her street style looks at Bread&Butter in Berlin and the ones at the NYFW, she definitely stole our hearts: outfits inspired by the 1980s, men’s suits, coordinated outfits, sunglasses with colored lenses, net bags and vintage bags with monogram patterns, checkered pants, and pretty much everything we will want to wear this winter.

As a total vintage fashion lover, as someone who appreciates quality and exclusive fashion, Maria started her own brand, Les Fleurs, selling unique pieces selected by her. The collection includes some of the most beautiful clothing items from the 1930s to the 1990s and we assure you, you will love them. The feed of this social network account is like poetry, thanks to the care its image is managed with, it’s a mix of art, furniture and fashion… Truly something you cannot miss!

You’ll find 3 Fall Winter 2017-2018 looks in our gallery inspired by Maria’s style: a bit of retro is just the kind of inspiration you need right now!

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