Sama and Haya Khadra, also known on social media as @simihaze, are our favorite twins in the world of fashion after the Olsen sisters. Originally from Palestine, raised in London and currently based in California, they are the living proof that not all that is cool has to come from fashion; with their degrees in Film production and Fine Arts and careers as DJs through which they travel the world and take part in the best events that show up on your Instagram feed, they are the icons of the eclectic style of the Millennial generation.

After their experience living in three completely different countries, they style has a grown-up feel and has borrowed the best of each world brought it to perfection. Their looks include formal suits which they wear in a cool, informal way, with a touch of masculine, goth and punk, without forgetting their love for anything vintage: shirts with prints from the Nineties, sleek, colored sunglasses, and a nice complement of Gucci and Louis Vuitton logos. But they also have a pop side, which makes everything more fun, easy and cool: we fell head over heels for their full pink outfits, bunny-shaped bags, brightly-colored hair, and the coolest Sailor-Moon-inspired outfits one could wear for a Chanel fashion show! If you like their style and would like to copy it properly, scroll down to the gallery for our ideas inspired by the SimiHaze sisters.

SimiHaze style: perfection for them is synonymous of a cool outfit + combat boots

SimiHaze style: the punk-goth skirt suit with bobby pins on their hair is everything to us

SimiHaze style: colorful tracksuit and coordinate sunglasses is something you should try at least once on your life!

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