If we completely lost it over the new product selection over at MyTheresa.com, you only have Tiffany Hsu to blame. As the buyer manager of one of the biggest fashion e-commerce companies in the world, she is in the know on how to analyze trends, on how to understand the market and on how to choose those pieces that we end up saving up for for months, to be able to buy them with just one click.

Not only does she get to sit in the front row of the most important shows, she also gets to travel the world, followed by a trail of photographers who are crazy about her and her street style looks: she loves taking risks, and she is always the first to wear the kind of clothing by new emerging designers that we will want to wear in the future: her looks are a good of way to predict the future. Sporty, oversize yet feminine silhouettes, and a passion for denim in every possible version and form.

BalenciagaJacquemus, Gucci, Prada and Vetements are among the brands she always wears, but Magda Butrym is her current darling. One of her best looks at NYC fashion week was a total look composed of very high leather booties, and a mini, long-sleeved dress by this Polish brand.

If you also follow her on Instagram, and if you also can’t resist compulsively checking her Instagram feed after you saw the snaps of her selecting Miu Miu‘s most iconic coats, I think you are ready to get inspired by her style! Our gallery features 3 looks inspired by Tiffany Hsu’s style: which one is your favorite?

Tiffany Hsu style: chic dress + casual denim jacket is the key to success  

Tiffany Hsu style: pair your denim with the right accessories

Tiffany Hsu style: different shades of the same color is the coolest trend ever! 

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