There’s been a lot of talk recently about the fact that beauty has no age — but have you ever heard about how there is also no age limit to being cool? We totally agree on that, and after seeing the Resort by Acne Studios collection, and their testimonial Veruschka, former model and actress in the 1960s and 1970s, there was really no doubt at all.

Think about it, not only is Veruschka possibly the coolest 78-year-old around right now, with her leather pants, denim crop jackets, oversize sweatshirts and colored tights, but do you remember her past? It is really worth a quick flashback!

Countess Vera von Lehndorff, a.k.a. Veruschka, survived Nazi concentration camps with her family, and studied in Hamburg. She moved to Florence at the age of 20, and became the top model of her time: Paris, London and New York City were only some of the locations in which Veruschka drove photographers and fashion magazines crazy, with her long, long legs and her mysterious, glamorous style: can you remember that iconic scene in Blow Up (1966), in which Veruschka is lying on the floor, being photographed in a black mini dress? Well… That is what we meant!

Some say she changed the fashion world with her beauty and her style, what do you think? If she is your fashion icon, too, here are some looks inspired by the most iconic photos of hers of all time.

Veruschka style: we love the cropped jacket + mini skirt combo; and don’t forget the gladiator sandals… who could wear it better than her?

Veruschka style: Sparkling A.F! And don’t bother to wear shoes… should we say something else?

Veruschka style: the space age is an evergreen trend!

Veruschka style: animal print was a must on her carrier as a model. How do you feel about wearing a maxi dress +  chain belt + high heel sandals? She looked gorgeous!




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