If you’re looking for a new fashion icon to inspire you, Ursina Gysi is the hot name right now. This stylist of Swiss heritage has a style that features all the hot brands right now, like Vetements, Balenciaga, Loewe and Louis Vuitton, to name a few. But why are we fans then? Well, there’s her street-style chic we are crazy about, but not only, here is the real reason: we love the way she can create trends by only using low-cost clothing… And the brands are drawing inspiration from her style to design their collections! Does this mean she is one of the coolest girls around right now? The answer is, yes, of course. If you like her style and think it may not possible to copy her style without spending money on brands, well, look at our gallery, and think again! Come on girls, it’s never too late to revamp your wardrobe!

To be cool you don’t need to spend money on luxury brands

Or maybe you can look for new brands to wear with your cult accessories

We love the way she creates new trends! 

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