Choosing your swimsuit is not easy: there’s a specific flattering suit for every body shape – the one that makes us feel so confident. It happened to all of us – we daydream about that cute swimsuit we’ve seen, and once we try it on, it looks meh at best. Since summer is in full swing, we decided to be helpful and guide you through the many existing types of swimsuits, letting our favorite Instagram muses inspire us… each with her own special, personal beauty. We’re in love! Scroll down to the gallery to find your swimsuit of choice – and the celebrity you share it with. Curious much?

Tie-front bikini: Hailey Baldwin

Sports-bralette bikini: Caroline Vreeland

One-piece swimsuit: Chiara Ferragni 

Triangle bikini: Ashley Graham

High-waisted bikini: Kendall Jenner 

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5 Responses to “Tell Me What Kind of Swimsuit You Wear And I’ll Tell You What Celebrity You Look Like”

  • Well I am Kendall and a little bit of Chiara but ya know high waisted bikinis was always a clever investment for me.I think they elongate the feets👌🏻💕

    Reply to Irene Terzidou
  • Oh, this is so fun! Unfortunately, I dress how I feel that day. I have a favorite swimsuit but I love to think that I don’t look like anyone else!

    Reply to Shelleen
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