Tattoos, since forever, are a way to express your personality. Celebrities, who work with creativity, consider them as a medium to tell about themselves to their fans, who are so curious about their tattoos. Sometimes they are so big that is impossible not to see them, sometimes they’re small or perfectly hidden. Take a look at the coolest celebrity tattoos and tell us: big or small?

tatuaggi sono da sempre un mezzo per esprimere la propria personalità. E per le celebrities, che fanno della creatività il proprio mestiere, sono uno strumento per raccontarsi, incuriosendo e stupendo i propri fan con disegni pazzeschi creati dai tattoo artist più celebri. Se in alcuni casi è impossibile non notarli, forse non sapete che molti dei tatuaggi delle star sono nascosti o talmente piccoli da passare inosservati. Ecco alcune delle celebrities dai tatuaggi più cool. Diteci: preferite i tattoo maxi o mini?

Rihanna ❤ @Chopard

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She loves tattoos so much that she even stdied how to draw them by herself. Her most famous tattoos? Goddess Isis under her breast, the maori design on her right hand and “rebelle fleur” statement on her neck. Bang Bang from New York is her fave tatoo artist.

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Cara Delevingne

Her friend Rihanna introduced her to Bang Bang. Since their first meeting, she started decorate her body with many tattoos. The first one was the lion on her right index, then she wrote “Made in England” under her left feet and recently to eyes behind her neck. She loves animals tattoos: she also has an elephant and a snake on her arms.

Zayn Malik

His arms and chest are almost completely tatooed, but the design he loves the most is actually hidden: his father’s name, inked behind his right ear.

Raviolo time @fedez #TheBlondeSaladGoesToParis

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Chiara Ferragni e Fedez

Chiara and Fedez love tattoos, but in very different ways. He decorated his body through the years with maxi and colorful tattoos, she inked almost 20 tiny tattoos mostly on her arms, hands and back. now they share a little raviolo on their left hand.


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Justin Bieber

We knew him since he was a kid and we gradually learn to love him even with all these tattoos. He prefers big and black and white one: lions, roses and angels now seem to be part of the same tattoo.

Miley Cyrus

She has more than 30 micro tattoos now. Animals are her fave: she recently inked her dog’s face, but everybody remember the sad cat tattooed inside her lip.


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Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran has almost 60 tattoos on his body. Are you just saying that you’d never imagined it? Well, this means that you didn’t see his “Shape of you” video, where he shows all of them.

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Ruby Rose

The actress just loves maxi tattoos and now is close to 50 designs on her body. Recently, ue to work reason, she deleted “Just love” statement on her finger: it was one of her fave, but it made a lot of problems on set.

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