Although he’s been acting for some time, his name is everywhere online right now, as in the last few weeks. Jonathan Groff, American actor, currently on Netflix with TV show Mindhunter, is our Man of the week. Ready to get to know him a little better? Well, here are 5 fun facts about him!

1. Coming out
Jonathan was brave enough to come out in 2009, when it was still rather uncommon to come out very openly, and most of all, he did so before his acting career even started, showing everyone that what really matters to him is the freedom to be himself, even more than his professional life.

2. Career
Groff is without a doubt totally versatile, and he started out as a stage actor who featured in very engaged plays. After that, he moved on to TV, and later on to cinema. Wondering what his most significant work was? He was in Glee, American Sniper and he was a voice actor in Frozen!

3. He’d rather be on a couch than on a red carpet
Despite a top career, despite getting invited to Hollywood’s most prestigious events, our MCM of the week recently confessed he doesn’t like red carpets and gala nights all that much… He much prefers being on the couch, nice and comfy, rather than be surrounded by the flash of photographers left and right.

4. No social!
Another unusual thing about Jonathan is the fact he has no social network profiles he actually manages himself — although there are dozens of pages out there that are ran by his fans. Yes… Jonathan Groff definitely sounds like he is straight from another era!

5. His latest work: Mindhunter
Jonathan is on Netflix right now, with a new TV show named Mindhunter — which is most definitely the TV show of the year, according to many critics. We can’t wait to see him in action, in his role as an FBI agent.

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