New Monday, new Man Crush! Today we’ll tell you all about Cordell Brodaus, Snoop Dogg’s second-born son, also known as Lil’ Snoop. The man made the news lately because of a small public spat with the Jenner sisters, and because he recently declared he wants to start working in the film industry. So, curious to find out whether his father Snoop and he are alike  at all? Here we go.


1. Football: Dad’s passion, or Cordell’s?
Cordell, supported by his father Snoop Dogg, dedicated lots of time and energy to American football since he was only 6 years old, performing well enough to be hired by UCLA Bruines in 2015, for 40 million dollars. Not bad, right? Despite that, after just a year, Cordell quit his American football career and started pursuing other interests, saying that until then he had only been playing “to live his father’s dream”. Once he realized that his father will love him no matter whether he becomes a great American football player or not, Cordell felt free to follow his own dreams, which took him really far from the world of professional sports.

2. Personal stylist and young entrepreneur
Fashion is one of Cordell’s main interests, that is for sure. He often declared he likes to personally take care of Snoop Dogg’s style, encouraging his father to wear jeans in a size that actually fits him, rather than huge, oversize ones. Cordell doesn’t only take care of his father’s clothes, he also works on his dad’s image: after he noticed that many influencers, such as Kyle Jenner, started wearing T-shirts depicting his father, without his father getting any money from it, he decided that this should change. This is why he created a Snoop Dogg-themed capsule collection for Joyrich. The collection was hugely successful, also thanks to the show that Cordell organized for Father’s Day, together with his father and brother, and even his grandfather!

3. Taking over the catwalks…
After entering the fashion world as a designer, Cordelle recently joined the ultra-famous Wilhelmina Models model agency, founded in Manhattan in 1967. Once again, he turned his passion into a profession! This was how he ended up on Dolce & Gabbana’s runway in Milan, and Philipp Plein’s in New York. In NY, Cordell showed up with a special guest…

4. …with his grandfather!
That’s right: Poppa Snoop, Snoop Dogg’s father, totally caught Philipp Plein’s eye. You might be wondering how that could possibly be. Well, the German designer noticed Grandpa Snoop when he accompanied his grandchild to the casting for his shows, and all of a sudden, Grandpa found himself on PP’s catwalk. “I only came here as a chaperone, and ended up getting 2k followers in two days!” said Poppa Snoop, backstage. Grandfather and grandchild dressed up in sneakers and leather jackets, and strode down the catwalk together, for the most rock’n’roll show of the fashion month!

5. His future is different
Despite his recent success in the fashion world, Cordell’s main aspiration is to become a film producer. Despite limited experience — so far, he only produced a videoclip for Snoop Dogg’s “Toss It” — Cordell has very clear ideas and objectives. Fashion is only a way to be well known by large audiences for him: his dream is to produce Marvel-style movies, and films with good storylines. Snoop would love to tell Poppa Snoop’s story in a movie: he is a Vietnam war veteran, and Cordell would like his story to be at the center of his first production.

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