October 27 felt like it would never come… But finally, the new season of Stranger Things is here, since Friday last week! This is why the first Monday after the first “Stranger Weekend” is all for the new entry in the series that stole the hearts of girls all over the world: Dacre Montgomery, a handsome 23-year-old Australia actor.
Here are 5 things you should know about the TV show’s new star!


1. Social media? No thanks.
Despite his young age, Dacre is everything but hooked to social media. He obviously has his own Instagram feed, which he actually keeps quite active, but handsome Dacre would rather spend his time reading, listening to music or hanging out with friends, rather than watch the world through a screen.

2. His destiny was already written in the stars
The apple never falls far from the tree — and everyone knows that proverbs are always right! Montgomery was basically born on set, because that is how his parents met: his father worked as a sound engineer, and his mother was an assistant director. Dacre’s future was already written, and he confirmed that in an interview: he said that when he was 11 years old, his parents caught him filming himself while he was pretending to play in a large film production. His parents were surprised, but he wasn’t at all… He already knew he was made for that!

3. Red is his color…
There is no doubt about it, if you ask Dacre what his favorite color is, he will say red, without hesitation! We don’t think it’s just about the color: it all goes back to the red Power Ranger, the character that made him famous in the remake of the film that was released last Spring. His work in that role caught the attention of the producers of Stranger Things, who later chose him when they started shooting the new episodes.

4. Sports are a must
Let’s say that Dacre would be happier if he could live without practicing sport six times a week, but he really can’t. The young Australian had to train really hard on a daily basis for a year, following a really tough routine at the gym. He did that as a way to get ready to play his role as the red Power Ranger, which required him to have a very muscular body, and for which he wanted to be well prepared — Dacre was aware that performing well in this role could change his life. All his efforts have brought him good results, not just for his physique, but also for his acting career.

5. An unusual passion
Social media aren’t his thing, sports are, but not that much… So what is this young actor really passionate about? He loves interior design! This is what Dacre really loves doing during his free time: he loves decorating a new space from scratch, more than working with something set up by other people, as he does when he plays on set. He just finished a course in interior design and he is hoping to start working as a professional in this field as soon as possible, perhaps helping to set up a few restaurants. We can’t wait to discover his style!

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