Let us start the week a little more happily, if that were possible, by giving you a few hints about out Man Crush this Monday! His smile was among the most photographed at this edition of Emmy Awards.  Manolo Gonzales, Sofia Vergara’s son, walked the red carpet outside Hollywood’s Microsoft Theater with his mother, making audiences swoon. His intense gaze, his hairstyle from another time, and his Colombian charm are a perfect match for his mother’s breathtaking beauty, so much so that Manolo just recently debuted as a model. Here are 5 things you should know about this rising star!

1) Gilmore Girls (or guys?)
Manolo and Sofia look more like brother and sister than mother and son, not just because of their relatively small age difference (he was born in 1992, she was born in 1972), but also because of their close relationship. Sofia, like the proud mum she is, publicly shares a lot of moments from her life with Manolo, while he never misses a chance to talk about his mother’s beauty, and attend the coolest events of the season with her. He’s the best wingman you can imagine, to catch the eye of all photographers!

2) Sense of humor
Manolo’s IG is packed with jokes and funny, totally cheeky, ironic images. Think for instance of his beach selfie, taken in front of a palm, with the caption “Just chillin’ with my friends, Palmela Handersons”: the perfect example of how beauty and a fun personality can make for a totally explosive mix!

3) A passion for history
His gallery on IG is not just about selfies and fun stuff: Manolo loves history, too. If you want to find out nifty stuff about stories and characters from the past, just follow his posts, and you’ll also get a healthy dose of culture!

4) Photo souvenirs
Manolo must have a bit of a nostalgic streak in him, because he really loves sharing photos of himself as a kid. He also can’t get stop his own irony, though, because each photo comes with a funny caption that make us love him even more!

5) Mysterious birthdays
And here is the most interesting trivia of all: even though Manolo was apparently born in 1992, he celebrated his 26th year this year. Yes, he did! We are not sure whether it was yet another joke or just a way to grab media attention, however, this definitely made everyone curious, making his mysterious birthday the talk of town. Either way, we don’t care if he is 25 or 26: that smile just made our Monday morning way better!


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