brangelina10 years ago, while shooting the movie Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Hollywood’s most beautiful couple was born. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, a couple that survived the tabloids announcing a crisis every other month and never stop to love and respect each other, creating an enviable family and making us dream, so much that, due to their great understanding, we created the nickname “Brangelina”. Love unites Brad and Angelina as well as work: on November 12th their movie By the Sea,  written and directed by Jolie herself, will be released and it will be the second one in which they act together. The plot narrates the story of a former dancer going through a deep relationship crisis with her husband, who manages to find peace during a long trip to Europe. While we wait to enjoy ourselves at the movie theaters we could not help dedicating them a special gallery: we collected all their love gazes… Have you ever noticed how much love is in the eyes of Angelina when she looks at her Brad? Her look is different each time, but always intense and it’s worth more than a thousand words.

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  • I guess it’s one of the most discussed couples of the world. At first I did not believe that their relationships would last for so long. Furtunately, I was wrong, they are still together and very happy.

    Reply to Mary

    Anyone else notice they must have the same hair dresser, their hair color is almost always the same.

    Reply to Jessica
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