WHO Simon Porte Jacquemus, 26 years old, is one of France’s most popular designers right now. After winning the jury award at the LVMH Prize 2015, the designer is now running for the prestigious ANDAM prize, handed out by the association that awards young talented fashion designers in France. His story is what really made us love him: born in a small village near Marseille, he moved to Paris to study fashion design at nineteen, and had to drop out after only three months due to his mother’s death, which had a devastating emotional impact on him. Some time later, he started feeling the attraction of fashion again, like he always had, and got back into the fashion world in a more roundabout way: he started working as a shop assistant at Comme des Garçons, while spending his nights unleashing his creativity, drawing sketches and sewing dresses he didn’t show anyone… Until he realized that the life he led at night was the life he really wanted to live. In 2009, he launched his own brand, named after his mother’s maiden name. The first catwalk shows and positive reviews brought him where he is today: a darling of celebrities, collaborating with the big names in publishing.

WHAT His garments, from tops to pants, all have clean, geometric cuts, with willingly exaggerated proportions, and their colors set a happy mood. Blue, white, and stripes, as he readily admits, are the brand’s distinctive features.

WHY Simply because his style is so recognizable and unique, despite his young age. His Surrealist-influenced silhouettes, a homage to Schiaparelli and Margiela, are also a tribute to his beloved Marseille, and the colors of the sea that he loves.

TBS ♥ The fact that every look is like a collage, like a kids’ puzzle that brings out our more playful, youthful side!

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